Nebraska Farmers in “David and Goliath” fight as Keystone XL clears hurdle

the_barnThe controversial Keystone XL pipeline that will move Alberta crude to refineries in the Houston area is one step closer to being a reality. The U.S. State Department concluded the project won’t significantly impact greenhouse emissions. U.S. President Barack Obama will still have the final say, but this is certainly a major hurdle for the pipeline to cross the border.

The part of the pipeline from the Houston area to Oklahoma is already complete and oil began flowing last week. Ground zero now is Nebraska. We often tell this story from 30,000 feet – how it’ll affect the economy, create jobs, harm the environment etc. – but for the most part the pipeline will never directly affect most of us. So we went to someone who it will affect. More than 100 ranchers and farmers, about a third of the landowners in the state, refuse to sell parts of their land.

Source: CTV News | by: Jordan Chittley, Kevin Newman